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Edaphic factors and their relationship with living beings (long)
  The physical and chemical characteristics of the soil. Soil constituents image 1 soil constituents Soil constituents separate according to...
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Flow of matter and energy in the ecosystem
Introduction:  In addition to the climatic and edaphic factors that influence the  distribution of living beings, other factors govern the b...
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Classification of animals and plants
  The animals are numerous and different in a living environment: we  show great diversity. However, if we compare them,  we can find simila...
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The transmission of information genetics through sexual reproduction
 The statistical laws of transmission of characters hereditary in diploids Sexual reproduction is a biological phenomenon that ensures the t...
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Plant Development Cycles
 Introduction  In the majority of plants, we can distinguish the succession of two generations; the first generator of gametes and a second ...
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Genetic modification of plants
 Introduction:  Genetically modified plants are plants whose genetic program has been altered as a result of the introduction of a foreign g...
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sexual reproduction in   plants without flowers
Introduction  Plants without flowers (algae, mosses, and ferns) are plants that have neither flowers nor seeds. They present a varied group ...
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